Faith Hill came to Wildflower Entertainment in October 2012. Faith was ramping up for a new single and Las Vegas residency show with husband Tim McGraw. Faith found herself in a place a lot of artists can identify with. As an A-list celebrity she was acutely aware of the importance of her online/social media presence. However, going to a big agency in Nashville, New York, Austin or LA didn’t seem right for her. Having a large team of people and a matching price tag at an agency wasn’t what she needed. Wildflower Entertainment fit her needs because we are an UN-agency. Instead of having one person to handle Facebook, one to handle the website, one to handle online strategy, one to handle project management, etc Faith looked to Wildflower Entertainment to be a single point of contact to handle all of the above and more.

Wildflower Entertainment worked closely with Faith’s pre-existing team of management, publicist and business management to became the ‘digital arm’ of Team Faith. Wildflower adapted easily and swiftly to the new team and quickly won their respect after using pre-existing relationships to set up and promote a Ustream live premiere of Faith’s new video for “American Heart.” The video premiere achieved more than 25,000 unique viewers worldwide.


faith-facebookIn October 2012 the official Faith Hill Facebook Page had a mere 715,000 Likes- a number we were confident could improve with our proven strategy, developed while managing Bon Jovi. Additionally, Faith Hill’s official Twitter had just over 200,000 followers and her Instagram had just 2,000. This was a classic case of a great brand that needed to be taken to the next level. This is our sweet spot at Wildflower, and where we achieve our best results!

With our guidance, strategy and experience Faith Hill’s social media accounts experienced the following results:

  • In 2013 the Faith Hill official Facebook page Likes increased by more than 1 million Likes (135% growth); achieving 1 million total Likes in June and increasing by another 800,000 over the next 6 months.
  • In 2013 the Faith Hill official Twitter followers increased by more than 230,000 (91% growth), and increased by more than 100,000 more by September 2014.
  • In 2013 The Faith Hill Official Instagram followers increased by more than 45,000 people- a staggering 575% growth! In just 2 years the official Faith Hill Instagram account grew from 2,000 followers to 100,000.
  • By 2014 it was not unusual to see a single Facebook post receive between 60,000-100,000 Likes- a tremendous improvement from an average of 7,000 in September 2012.


faith-pinterestWildflower Entertainment was instrumental in creating the Official Faith Hill Pinterest page. Faith loves Pinterest and often used it for recipes and home decor planning. Working hand in hand with Faith we helped take all of the things she loves on Pinterest and strategically built out the official page for her brand. Pinterest created an entirely new community for Faith and helped showcase the unique and stylish side of Faith, beyond her music career. In October 2014 Faith Hill’s Official Pinterest page had 39,000 followers- more than any other country act on Pinterest.