In 2009, Bon Jovi recognized that they needed to get up to speed in the digital world… and fast. With lackluster Facebook numbers and no official Twitter account, the band had a long way to go to catch up with the rest of the rock world.

Through creative and innovative strategy, their digital presence quickly caught up to the global success the band had enjoyed for over 30 years. After achieving dramatic results in record time, the Bon Jovi online brand got everyone’s attention, including the Facebook executive team. Facebook went on to use Wildflower Entertainment’s work as a case study for bands looking achieve maximum results through Facebook.

Between 2010 and 2013, Wildflower Entertainment was an integral part in Bon Jovi’s achievement as the world’s highest grossing tour… 3 times in a row.

For five years, Widlflower Entertainment served as Project Manager for all online strategies and marketing for Bon Jovi and the Jon Bon Jovi SOUL Foundation, including:

  • Radio Singles (“We Weren’t Born To Follow,” “Superman Tonight,” “When We Were Beautiful,” “What Do You Got” “Because We Can”, “What About Now”)
  • Albums (The Circle, Greatest Hits, catalog Special Editions, What About Now)
  • Two World Tours: The Circle Tour (2010-2011), Because We Can – The Tour (2013)
  • Hardcover photo book “When We Were Beautiful”
  • Movie theater releases: “When We Were Beautiful”, “Inside Out”
  • Oversaw all online efforts for 2010/2011’s The Circle Tour, which became the world’s highest grossing tour for 2010 (over $200 million gross), the second highest grossing world tour for 2011 (over $193 million gross) & the top grossing world tour for 2013 (Because We Can- The Tour, $142.1 million gross)
  • Increased Bon Jovi’s Facebook followers by more than 10 million likes between May 2010 (3 million likes) and May 2011 (13 million likes). Facebook page currently has more than 22 million likes.
  • Has achieved 2 number one albums (The Circle & What About Now)
  • Maintains all social media profiles for Bon Jovi, including creation of the band’s official Twitter (now at 1.1MM followers), Instagram and YouTube accounts
  • Creates a unique content plan for every social media platform for every single day to ensure unity, creativity and consistency for the Bon Jovi brand
  • Project manager and creator of online and social media strategy for nine different live concert streams broadcast around the world. A live stream from Dallas in April 2010 had more than one million unique viewers
  • Creates and oversees strategy for, including initial site creation, all site redesigns, new functionality, eCRM growth, tour ticket pre-sales, tour marketing, online stores and all revenue opportunities
  • Worked in tandem with Bon Jovi tour crew, tour promoters, record label, third party vendors, merchandise company, publicists, etc.